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According to scientists research, charitable index affects the level of happiness. Charity activities are not just an indicator of people’s support, but also  indicatеs the level happiness. You also have the opportunity to contribute to your own happiness right now and here, by supporting one of our projects. support

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Benefits for companies making charitable donations

If you are a businessman or are just starting your own business, think about it.

What are benefits of companies donating to charity?

Advertising. Any charity event conducted by the company is to a certain extent an advertising campaign. During the event, the name of the company is acknowledged and every participant, as well as the audience and the people around fix the company name, which will surely pop up in the future.

Formation of a positive image. Businessmen are well aware about the difficulties of forming a positive image of their own company as well efforts needed for this. Hence, charity activity contributes to formation of the positive image in the eyes of potential customers and partners. Moreover, the more often its name flashes in connection with various charity events, the more attractive it becomes for others. It is worth noting that it is also reflected in the perception of products or services offered by the company. They are immediately moved into the category of particularly appealing companies.  You must have a positive image in the business or people flock to those who do. Businesses with solid reputations and ones for giving back make them more appealing to those who are looking for their types of services.

Healthy and secure relationship with government and inspection bodies. Any organization that provides charity assistance is under supervision of inspection bodies and other government agencies. It is often possible to get some indulgences and advantages, since the state is also interested in having private companies which can partially ease the responsibility of the state in this matter.

Strengthening your company’s reputationPartners are also very positive about the fact that the company is engaged in charitable activities. To some extent, this can serve as an indicator of its financial stability and generally reflects high moral standards, beliefs and values of the head at the company. This fact can not be ignored.

The influx of new customers. On the basis of the charity practice, you can secure an influx of new qualified clients, e.g. legal entities which are also engaged in such activities. This can have a very positive impact on business development in the future.

As you can see, charity makes good business sense and can be very profitable for a business. 


«Նվիրենք մի կտոր ժպիտ» սոցիալական աջակցության ծրագիր


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