On the occasion of the International Children’s Day, within the framework of the social assistance program “Give a piece of smile ”, a charity event was held on June 3 for 32 children with severe hearing loss and 6 children with kidney failure, which was carried out due to the effective cooperation of the Charity Organization “LINENQ BARERAR” with the “ARABKIR” Medical Complex and the social worker of the public organization of hard-of-hearing children’s mothers “HAVAT” .

The event was organized in the courtyard of the Rehabilitation Center for hearing impaired children at Arabkir MC, where children were looking forward to enjoying the holiday. The celebration started with a variety of games and songs performed by cartoon heroes. Incendiary dances attracted not only children, but also their parents. The festive day was a success, and at the end of the event all the children received gifts: candies and sweets, as well as stationery.

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