The family of three children has occurred in a difficult situation.

Khachatur Geghamyan who lives in the village of Aramus, Kotayk region, has always dreamed of having his own house, but his family could barely make ends meet. His wife Armenuhi Rusakina considered their family happy and seemed to be satisfied with daily routine.

However, recently the family has faced a severe problem. The explosion caused by the gas leak partially destroyed the house where the family lived for a rent.

On June 9, a gas leak with explosion had occurred from the liquid gas cylinder (20 kg) in one of the houses of Akunq village of Kotayk province. As a result, the house partly collapsed: there was a risk of collapse. 13-year-old Marina wastaken to hospital. The whole family lived in a sense of fear and loss.  “The newborn Arevik hardly survived, the interior walls ruined and the panel fell on my newborn’s head. We were terribly scared. I remember the moment I lifted up the panel over my big girl’s head. It was awful, but thanks to God, we were all blessed. The owner of the house demands to reconstruct the house as soon as possible…, ”says Armenuhi Rusakina.

Khachatur Geghamyan, who was wounded during the war in Artsakh and has a disability, didn’t want to talk about the nightmare his family has suffered.

In order to help the family, the fellow villagers temporarily provided a semi-deteriorated shack where there is a lack of living conditions; mother is trying to get rid of the rats every day.

The elder daughters Marina and Manushak are aware of their extremely difficult situation. The horror of the explosion in the eyes of the children is compounded by the thoughts and despair of appearing in the street.

Khachatur Geghamyan applied to the regional administration but only 50,000 AMD was provided as compensation.

Prepared by Lusin Ghazaryan

P.S. The charitable organization “LINENQ BARERAR’’ in joint cooperation with the social-political magazine ‘’Parliament’’ initiated a charity fund-raising campaign to support this family.

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