About us

Linenq Barerar

The Organization's primary objectives are philanthropy and social well-being

Linenq Barerar charitable non-governmental organization was established in February, 2018 by a group of patriotic, good-willed, intelligent and successful people. The organization continues the work of the Barerar charitable foundation.


The Objective of the Organization

is to consolidate Armenians from all over the world, as well as representatives of other nations on issues that can be solved through mutual efforts. We strive to make life better. Most importantly, we build a platform of trust and honesty.

Peculiarities of the Organization

Maximum transparency of financial flows. Each project has a detailed report available to the public.

Lack of administrative expenses /no salary, organizational, rent, utilities, household and other expenses/.

The founders' Interest

The founders of Linenq Barerar charitable non-governmental organization have great enthusiasm and desire to make our country more prosperous by helping the people in need, renovating or rebuilding the old.

Spheres of Charity Projects

The spheres of charitable projects include all the areas in need of assistance. Whether it’s a family in need, someone with a health problem, a building /a house, a school, a kindergarten/ that needs repair, we are ready to help.

Distribution of Charitable Funds

Each charitable contribution will be spent only to solve the problem which is chosen by the benefactor. All projects have a detailed report available to the public.

Control of the Funds Sent for the Project

Everyone can voluntarily submit a claim to become a controller of any project, which will enable the control of all implementation stages of each project. In addition, you can publish the information you have, take photos, record, describe, and report. 

Share with us the problem you are avare of

If you are aware of any problem we will publish it on our website and help to collect the necessary amount of money. Any person can register on the site, complete the questionnaire and receive our response within a short period of time.






Each project implementation will be monitored at all stages

Prior to placing a project on the website, the organization carries out market research to find the best quality-price ratio, and also makes a price inquiry and sends a request to get the product/service at cost. The product/service is purchased after the sum is collected.

Become a volunteer

We need specialists from different fields. Please fill in the form and wait for our response.

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